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Croeso i Foundation Phase

Our Foundtion Phase consists of two classes:

Dosbarth Cader Idris (REC/Year 1) and Dosbarth Cribyn (Year 2)


Our Topic this term is all about ‘Wondrous Winter’ 


All of our topics this year will be taught through the seasons allowing us time to go with child directed learning and interests as well as using the wonderful natural environment to enhance learning.  We aim to teach the children the importance of keeping healthy whilst looking at their families and local area in which they live. We will study the seasonal change and use the outdoors to develop skills taught which you can also help with. Below are some activities for you to try with your children at home.


Things you can do at home:


  • Create a winter picture.
  • Find out about which animal hibernate during the winter months.
  • Investigate which animals come out at night.
  • Find out how snow is formed.
  • Go for a winter walk and discuss what the same is and what is different from autumn.
  • Write a winter story
  • Create a winter poem
  • Find out how can we care for birds during the winter months
  • Read winter stories. 
  • Count in 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, 3’s and 4’s. 
  • Ask your child what is 1 more/less than a given number.
  • Ask your child what is 2 more/less than a given number
  • Ask your child what is 10 more/less within 100.