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Early Birds Club 

Monday - Friday

Pupils arriving at Early Birds Club between 8.05am and 8.35am will be charged £1. Breakfast is served during this time and pupils are supervised until the start of the school day.


Registration for Early Birds Club is via a registration form


There is a pre-booking system for Early Birds Club.  Parents need to book their child in to Early Birds Club and pay in advance for the session via Parentpay.  Registers for the following day are printed by the office at 3:00pm daily.  If you have pre-booked but do not attend the charge will still apply.  Please note if there are 5 mornings of non-payment your child will be refused entry into Early Birds Club until the debt is cleared. 


Free school meals pupils will not be charged, but will still need to pre-book.


Food for 10 Club

Monday to Friday

For pupils arriving between 8.35am and 8.45am – Breakfast only


This is for those children who wish to have breakfast just before school. There is no childcare/play element and therefore no charge. Pupils are seated for their breakfast and then wait to be taken into school.  There is no need to pre-book for the “Food for 10” club.


Pupils arriving after 8.45am but before the start of school will need to wait on the playground with a parent/carer until school starts, we cannot be responsible for any pupils left without an adult before school time.